Sunday, August 13, 2023

Day Off - 8/13 - Lockport

Great to have a day off the bike today and enjoy Lockport.  We selected the Erie Canal Locks cruise for our outing and we were not disappointed.   The cruise was on a double decker boat with live history info.   The boat went through two locks that raised us up 50 feet on the trip out, and lowered us 50 feet again on the way back to the dock.   

Getting ready to board our cruise boat

The cruise took us through locks 34 and 35 (back to back locks).  Each lock raises the boat 25 feet.   Here we are with the boat moored to the side of the first lock and the doors are closed back and front with water bubbling in.  Up we go!

Water all the way up and the front door ready to open - it takes 10 minutes

Front doors open letting us into the second adjacent lock

The boat went downstream a ways and then turned-around in the 80 foot wide channel.  Here we back in the upper lock looking down into lower lock on our way back.  When the water level dropped we easily cleared the catwalk. 

Days off also consist of laundry, shopping, fixing things, making reservations for the coming days, and always checking every bolt and screw - 110 on the tandem and 8 on the riding shoes

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  1. This sounds like a really fun trip with lots to see and some beautiful trails. I wonder if there are many buffalo left in Buffalo. Despite the city's name, I never thought of many buffalo living east of the Mississippi.

    I was surprised that there are 110 fasteners on your tandem to check. I did a quick mental check and counted 24 on my road bike. Many of mine might get checked annually, so I admire your maintenance ethic.