About Us

We met in college at Colorado State University and our first date was a bike ride to the nearest "Round the Corner" restaurant.  The ride home was in a snow storm!  We spent a number of weekends biking in and around the mountains of Colorado, falling in love with each other and cycling.   One thing lead to another and before long we were riding a tandem on bike tours like Colorado's Ride the Rockies, and weekend classics like the Ohio TOSRV.

Inspired by Mark's Dad's US crossing in 1996, Mark and Sherri have been dreaming of a Ride Across for several years.  Then in 2019 we had a bit of a set back.  Sherri was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of head and neck cancer.   It was a blessing to have the world class head and neck cancer surgical and oncology team close to home at CU Head and Neck Specialists.   Through 2020 and into 2021 Sherri has recovered and is now cancer free. 

With so much help, support, and prayers from family and friends along the way, we can now see our way clear to try our own US crossing -- Portland to Portland 2021!!       THANK YOU

We plan on taking our time, seeing the sights and adapting to everything that comes our way.   We are so  blessed to have the chance to give it a go!




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