Monday, August 14, 2023

Day 10 - Lockport to Rochester, 68 miles

We had a pleasant day today riding on the crushed stone tow path of the Erie Canal.  We followed the canal tow path all the way to Rochester.   The weather was sunny, cool and no wind.  Great riding conditions.

We noticed that the canal waters are very clean. No floating trash, not even any floating branches.  The canal tow path was very clean and well maintained as well.   There were small towns with services every few miles along the canal.


Typical view along the Erie Canal tow path.  Called the tow path because the canal boats were pulled by horses from the path. 

At Medina NY the canal is built over a river gorge!   This is the walkway along the canal at Medina.  The river gorge is right under us.

The view over the railing into the gorge below

Each community built next to the canal has a drawbridge.  The bridge lifts straight up about 15 feet as one piece using motors and counter weights.  The operator sits at the top of the building on the right. 

Lots of apple tree orchards today.  The trees are planted very close together and trimmed to be tall and narrow.  Too bad we won’t see the harvesting!

Todays route

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