Sunday, August 13, 2023

Day 9 - Derby to Lockport, 54 miles

We had a wide variety weather and road conditions today.  The weather varies from misty and foggy to light rain to down pours to sunny at the very end of the day.  The route varied from quiet country shore lines to busy highway to paved trails then city streets and back to trails and country roads.


The route started on Lake Shore drive south of Buffalo, then on to Hwy5 for a few miles. Once we reached the edge of the city we were on the Empire State Trail for most of the rest of the way to Lockport.  We did have a short detour through the city due to a trail closure.  For those that know the city: Erie to Pearl to Court to Niagara to Porter and back to the trail. 


Sunday the 13th is our first day off!  Enjoying Lockport. 


Buffalo bike trails map

The city skyline

Lots of Buffalo statues all over Buffalo

From the bike trail along the Niagara River

Looking back at the Grand Island bridge from the trail.  We rode under both the Peace bridge and the Grand Island bridge. 

Lots of speed boats on the river today

Todays route

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