Friday, August 11, 2023

Day 7 - Ashtabula, Ohio to Erie Pennsylvania, 61 miles

We woke up to a big down pour this morning.  By the time we were ready to ride the rain had moved east.  We chased the rain storm riding east and northeast all day.  Consequently the roads were wet all day but we never caught up to the storm.  


The route took us along Lake Erie much of the day with some really beautiful views.  We are now on the Adventure Cycling (ACA) Northern Tier Route.  Navigator Sherri can route us using the ACA app on her phone. 


Daily tire pressure check and adjustment for the days route.  We run 35mm tires at 75 to 85 psi depending on the route.  

Detour today due to bridge work.  This detour was short and on good roads. But you never know exactly what you might run into.

Good-bye Ohio !  Hello Pennsylvania !

Todays route

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