Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Day 6 - Warren to Ashtabula, 45 miles

Today we rode the Western Reserve Greenway Trail all the way from Warren to Ashtabula.  The first 35 miles of trail was through mature, verdant forests.  The trees were the tallest yet.  We had green canopies high overhead for most of the day.

Fearing that we have made the ride through Ohio sound a bit too perfect, a couple challenges should be noted. First there are a number of busy road crossings on all these trails.  At each crossing you need to slow way down and approach with caution since you are in a forest and have no visibility until you are right at the road.  Thank goodness for large disc brakes!   Second, some sections of trail are close to the trees and there are “root bumps”.   These can be very nasty on both riders and tires.  Having said all that the trails are still far superior to being on busy roads with cars. 


No more trails tomorrow.  We ride along Lake Erie and into Pennsylvania. 


Forest forest forest everywhere!  No sunscreen needed!

The first week of daily riding can be tough on the body, but still smiling!

Todays route

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