Monday, August 7, 2023

Day 4 - Millersburg to Akron, 68 miles

We continued on the Ohio to Erie Trail all the way to Akron.   The route consisted of 17 miles of lightly traveled roads through Amish country, about 17 miles of crushed stone trails and the rest on paved trails.

We checked out the weather at breakfast and it was clear that rain was headed our way.   At 7 miles  it started  to pour.  The next 25 miles were very wet and the temps dropped to 60F.  The rest of the day saw us keeping just ahead of the rain.  Just as we got checked into our hotel it started to pour again.  


We had our first encounter with a dog since leaving Dayton.   Mark and Sherri were out in front on the trail with Scott not far behind.  At a road crossing a dog chased the tandem and then gave up. That left the dog in the middle of the trail with Scott coming head on!  Scott handled himself well and got the dog to retreat, but slid off into the grass.  Scott is OK and his bike is OK.  Whew!


Enough excitement for one day!


Rainy Day in Ohio

Old Canal Lock next to the crushed stone trail

Todays route

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