Sunday, August 6, 2023

Day 3 - Westerville to Millersburg, 77 miles

Ohio really has amazing bike paths.  Today’s route was all on the Ohio to Erie Trail. Our 77 mile route today was 70 miles of paved path and 7 miles of quiet country roads.  None of us had ever been to this part of Ohio before.  We were surprised at the extensive forests and hill country.   The rail trails have gentle grades,  but at 80 degrees and 85% humidity ……….!

We entered Amish country today.  We passed several horse and buggies on the trails.  Of course the horses leave their fair share of organics on the trail!


At the top of longest climb it started to rain.   It was a real down pour.  On the descent we had to be careful on the turns with all the leaves and horse droppings.   Luckily after about 5 miles in the rain we found a covered picnic area at a trailhead.  As soon as we got under cover it let loose and started raining even harder!  After a while the weather turned and we were on our way again. 


Mile after mile of amazing tree covered paths

Rastin Observation Tower at Mt Vernon Park - 280 feet high, 224 steps. Scott climbed to the top!   Built around an old smoke stack

Bridge of Dreams - Scott and Sherri 

Scott at the covered picnic area, in the pouring rain -Glenmont, Ohio

Todays Route

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