Sunday, August 20, 2023

Day 16 - Inlet to Long Lake, 33 miles

Fantastic weather today!  No rain!  Dry roads!  The temps were in the mid to upper 60s all day. Perfect!

Definitely on the ACA Northern Tier all day today.  Hwy 28 and 28 North. Lots of rolling hills.  As we left the town of Blue Lake we encountered our first longer serious climb - 8%+ for 1.5 miles.  Whew!


View of Blue Mountain from Raquette Lake.  Hard to see but Blue Mountain is the highest point in the middle of the picture, partially hidden by haze. 

We thought the motel was Peddlers Rest!  🙂  They do have waterfront access and boats to rent.  Their laundry is what we really needed 😉 !   Very nice place.  

Motel room view of Long Lake.  We can hear the pontoon planes flying in and out but haven’t seen one yet. 

Todays route

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