Saturday, August 19, 2023

Day 15 - Lowville to Inlet, 55 miles

We entered the Adirondacks today!   We traveled on beautiful tree covered roads, with deciduous trees gradually giving way to conifers.

The roads followed a series of lakes and rivers to the famous Old Forge area in the mountains.


Our route led us down US 12 from Lowville to Port Leyden where we turned onto Moose River Road.  Moose River Road placed us on highway 28, which we rode all the way to Old Forge. 


The weather today continued to be very wet and cool.  The temps varied from 52F to 58F.  We rode in a steady rain for the first 20 miles.  Most the rest of the day was a mix of sprinkles and mist.


A simple sign in need of repair welcomed us to the Adirondacks

The rain and temps in the low 50s had us donning all our rain and cold weather gear. A quick break while climbing Moose River road.

Moose River - being from a semi-arid state we are impressed by the amount of water everywhere.

True to daily form, the skies cleared in the evening.  View of one of the lakes in the Inlet chain of lakes. 

Todays route

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