Monday, August 21, 2023

Day 17 - Long Lake to Ticonderoga, 63 miles

This morning we departed with low lying cloudy skies & fog.  We began at 65F and that was the high.  Rain was predicted but we forged ahead. We followed North 28 out of Long Lake to Newcomb where we stopped at a very nice Café for second breakfasts.  Shortly after passing Newcomb we turned onto route 84 (Blue Ridge Road), which took us all the way to North Hudson.  24 miles of dense forest with no services - very remote.   From North Hudson we took US 9 to state route 74, which dropped us into Ticonderoga.  Another 24  miles of forest with no services.  The rain finally caught up to us at mile 50 so we stopped and donned our rain jackets, apparently staying dry is not an option.

It is surprising how much wilderness and undeveloped areas there are. 


We were passed by many full logging trucks headed to Ticonderoga.  And many empty logging trucks headed back up the route into the mountains.   We saw more logging trucks today than we did in all of our 2021 bike trip out west. 


 Views of the Adirondack mountains.

The view from the highest point on county road 84.  The high points we crossed in the Adirondacks didn’t have names. 

Todays route

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