Friday, August 18, 2023

Day 14 - Pulaski to Lowville, 47 miles

The original plan today was to follow the ACA  route southeast to Boonville, Alder Creek and then Hwy28 into the mountains.  BUT the whole area around Boonville was booked for the annual Woodmans Competitions.  We did not see that coming!!! We found an alternate route to the north, thru the Lesser Wilderness to Lowville where we are staying.  


The weather continues to be cool and wet and we  got soaked several times today.   We asked a local why often there are no storms on the radar but they just pop up unannounced.   “ Lake effect rainstorms” just like there are “lake effect snowstorms”. Rain and 58F temps saw us using most of our weather gear.   Much better than the expected 90s!!


The climbing today was steady uphill. Near the high point a powerful tailwind almost blew us up and over the top and we enjoyed an unexpected steep fast descent into town. 


Wind turbines were on both sides of the road for several miles.  The wind was wailing and the turbines were taking full advantage.  The low storm clouds were whizzing by adding to the dizzying perception of speed.   This was the first significant wind farm we have seen since leaving Dayton.  We were very happy to be moving with the wind!

Our AirBnB tonight is quite unique - built into an old jail ! But it chose us 🙂   It was literally the only place available tonight in the region. 


Todays route 

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