Saturday, July 17, 2021

Day 38 - July 17, Cody to Valentine, 40 miles

We got dinner last night at the Circle C Market in Cody, which is run by the area Highschool students.  It was the cleanest most well stocked small markets we have seen on the trip.  We had called ahead and they had the whole milk chocolate milk we needed, and they let us keep it in their cooler over night.  They are awesome !  We were camping last night so it rained - in fact thunder and lighting and heavy rain for several hours.  The tent held up well and we stayed dry but we had to pack up the tent wet this morning. We will dry out in Valentine.   Today was a pleasant ride with much easier rolling hills and little to no wind. 

Another milestone - reaching the Central Time Zone!

Nebraska advertises US Hwy 20 as one of their scenic byways.  The landscape is beautiful in the Sand Hills area we are in now.  Our pictures of the rolling green hills look bland and just don't show the true beauty. 

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