Sunday, July 18, 2021

Day 39 - July 18, Valentine to Ainsworth, 48 miles

Today’s route started off continuing through the beautiful green Sand Hills.  The weather pattern has been consistent since our arrival in Nebraska with nightly rain storms, cloudless days, and winds out of the south during the day.  Today we were headed southeast and had light headwinds much of the day.  But the road surface was much better today and being Sunday the traffic was very minimal.  Nearing the end of today’s ride the route flattened out and the Sand Hills melted into farmlands.  So long Sand Hills!

We had planned on the riding some of the Cowboy Trail but there were two problems.  First the trail surface was too soft for our loaded tandem.  Second the recent comments on the trail reported lots of thorns. We will come back with singles and tubeless tires and ride the trail another time. 

The Sand Hills - photos just don’t do it justice

We saw several “harvesting trains” today taking combines on semi-tractor flatbed trailers north for the Great Plains wheat harvest.  

Combine and grain trailer pulled by one semi - a “train” might have six or more of these units all traveling together

The combine heads pulled separately

All assembled in the field and ready for harvesting - semi now used to pull the grain trailer (stock photo)

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  1. Sherri, thats what my dad did for a living! No semi involved just trucks at the time. He went for Texas to Canada every summer. Thanks for sharing! Keep up the riding.