Friday, July 16, 2021

Day 37 - July 16, Gordon to Cody, 55 miles

Today’s route took us to new landscape once again, transitioning from farmland to the Sand Hills.   The Sand Hills have cattle grazing and wide open vistas.  We are watching for Sand Hill Cranes but haven’t seen any yet.  The highway tended to go straight up and over the hills so we were riding a continuous roller coaster!  The wind was strong out of the south again today.  One local said that is typical.  The one drawback today - lots of expansion joints on the shoulders.  Camping at the Cody city park. (Camped at Cody WY and now Cody NE.)  Mailed our down parkas and some other cold weather clothes to Dayton Ohio for future use.

Nebraska is not flat!  We make fun of Google Maps - often when we map out a route it will say “Mostly Flat” and not show the profile  

Camping at the city park 

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