Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Day 16 - June 20, Lowell to Lochsa Lodge, 67 miles

Belated Happy Fathers Day to all Fathers!  This posting and well wishes come late but there are NO cell towers in the wilderness and very limited WiFi at the campground offices.  The ride from the Three Rivers campground at Lowell to the next full services at Lochsa Lodge was both beautiful and the most challenging yet.   The river changed from the Clearwater to the Lochsa as we continued along US Hwy 12.  The traffic was very light today making for a pleasant ride.  Just like the ride from Orofino the day before, the route was continuously gently uphill in the forest.  About half way through we did get our first headwind which slowed us down a bit.  Lochsa Lodge was a great site to see at the end of the ride.   Mark says, “What a great Fathers Day!”  Believe it or not there are still 13 miles to go to get over Lolo Pass tomorrow. The low point for this climb was 600 feet at Clarkston and the pass tomorrow is at 5300 feet. 

The beautiful Clearwater turns into the beautiful Lochsa at Lowell - wonder if my good friend Chris the kayaker has boated this river?   

Yes we were ready to enjoy the lodge when we arrived !

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  1. No, I would like to someday. I have paddled the Middle Fork of the Salmon a couple times which is just South of you I believe. I'm so glad you two are having such a great time on your trip! I hope you are escaping some of the heat we are having here in CO.