Saturday, June 19, 2021

Day 15 - June 19, Orofino to Lowell, 55 miles

On today’s ride we experienced more hot weather than any other day so far.  Thank goodness the route stayed close to the Clearwater river!  The cooling effect was a real blessing.  We are learning that a lot of crossing country riding involves logistics - especially what where & when to eat. Long days with little or no services make you think about how to stock up on food and water for the following day.  Camping again tonight.

The Clearwater is beautiful but it also kept us cool


  1. Maybe a water filter would be worth the weight. Sometimes I take one instead of an additional water bottle when I expect natural water to be found.

  2. We have a Sawyer squeeze water filter with and we came
    close to using it on the long day to Lochsa Lodge.