Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Day 17 - June 21, Lochsa Lodge, Idaho to Missoula, Montana, 56 miles

After several days of steady climbing we made it over Lolo Pass !   Whew!  The last few miles were steep.  We would ride for 300 feet of elevation gain take a break and then do it again. The state lines for Idaho and Montana meet at Lolo pass and the time changes from Pacific to Mountain. Our “entering Montana” and “entering Idaho” pics were taken on top of the pass. There was no “entering Idaho” sign on our route into Lewiston. The visitors center  was closed but the bathrooms were open and the water fountain was on.  First water fountain we have seen working on the trip.  We had a long downhill run to Lolo where we picked the Rails to Trails Bitterroot Trail, smooth and paved, which took us right to our hotel!  June 22 is a much needed day off !

At Lochsa Lodge we met a friendly couple Greg and Mary from Missoula.  Greg knew all about our tandem builder and components we’re using.  I think Greg knows about tandems than I do.  On our descent from Lolo Pass we stopped at the Lolo Hot Springs for lunch and met Tracy and Tim from our home state of Colorado.  Tracy and Tim are riding all over the western US this year and are just about done with their current adventure.  Great to get tips and ideas from the experienced!

We made it !

Welcome to Idaho!  (Actually 184 miles ago 🙂)

Welcome to Montana!  (Full of stickers and graffiti)

And Mark says, “Its all downhill from here Sherri!”  Sherri says, “Yeah right.”  There was a headwind all way down 😞

Diet is really important!  You too can make it over Lolo pass if you just carry a gallon of chocolate milk!  Now there is the sponsorship we should get!  And yes Carol and Ann, we fit all these thermoses in the frame bags along with everything else we packed!

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  1. What an adventure you two are on. We are jealous. Also the people you are meeting on this adventure. Thank you both for sharing and the laughter.