Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Day 12 - June 16, Dayton to Pomeroy, 40 miles

The route today was a gentle climb for most of the day.  Great way to get our climbing legs in shape.  And cool temps once again.  We are free camping at the Pomeroy city park - a nice change from the recent few nights at hotels.  No rain in sight! When we arrived in town someone from the newspaper caught up with us and asked for an interview.  The local newspaper is The East Washingtonian.  Not sure when it will be published.  A little later when out for a walk we met a young couple also riding east on their way to Clarkston today.  They had stopped to charge the batteries for her Specialized eBike.  Apparently she uses the eBike to pull their trailer.  They carried a fast charger and could charge both batteries in about 90 minutes.   We wondered about this since the 40 mile section we rode today had zero services. 

The downtown Pomeroy Garfield County building.  We learned that these towns that are 30 to 40 miles apart in this area were spaced for stagecoach stops. 

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