Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Day 11 - June 15, Walla Walla to Dayton, 30 miles

Yesterday was a day off in Walla Walla.  Walla Walla has a much revived and thriving downtown.   There is a excellent bike shop called Allegro, which has all the gear for every kind of cycling, including lots of bike packing accessories. For all the wine lovers, Walla Walla has 120 area wineries, many with downtown tasting rooms (guessing 30 or 40). 

The route to Dayton today was on backcountry roads with no traffic and through amazing wheat filled hillsides.  Harvesting starts in a couple of weeks.  Theses hills are steep!   We don’t see how they keep the tractors or harvesters from tipping over!   The route followed the valleys steadily climbing to Dayton.  Once again we bring cool weather, clouds, and rain.  Shortly after we got to Dayton it started pouring rain.  The high today was only about 70 degrees. 

Hills of wheat that go on forever and clouds rolling in

Jolly Green Giant on hillside outside of Dayton Washington


  1. Hi Sherri and Mark - we are enjoying your photos and updates! I hope you went in to at least one of those wine tasting rooms! :) - Safe travels!

  2. It's interesting to the geek in me that you are going from Portland to Portland and Dayton to Dayton. How many "XXX to XXX" lengths are there? Portland to Portland would be the longest, what's the shortest? If you were going farther south it might be Kansas City to Kansas City.

  3. Cool thought ! We will try post doubled up towns when we remember to!