Thursday, June 17, 2021

Day 13 - June 17, Pomeroy to Clarkston, 32 miles

Today we rode over our first mountain pass, Alpowa Summit. Not nearly as high as Colorado passes but you start the climbing at a much lower altitude.  We learned that the fields of yellow flowers are Canola and awe also learned that the fields of beans we have been riding past are lentils.  These crops are new to us.  The exciting part of the day was the descent of Alpowa, all the way down to the Snake river.  A drop of over 2100 feet.  

Our first mountain pass!

Fields of Canola

The Snake River


  1. Beautiful country. The river picture, with the green valley floor and the dry mountains above, reminds me of the Indus Valley. Just think, you gave up sitting in front of a computer screen all day for this.

  2. You're cruising along! Beautiful photos and great description of your route. Interesting about the lentils. They're one of my favorite foods. I looked it up and apparently you rode through America's Golden Land of Lentils!