Sunday, June 13, 2021

Day 10 - June 13, Umatilla Oregon to Walla Walla Washington, 57 miles

Today we crossed into Washington!  Thanks Oregon for all the great bike trails and wide shoulders on the roads!  The day started with highway 730 heading east and then north still along the Columbia River.  We rode as close to the river as we had over the last 10 days.  The Columbia never ceases to amaze - today it seemed wider and more beautiful than ever.  In fact this section of the river is also called Lake Wallula.  The river kept us cool in the morning hours.  Half way through the days route we had to say good-bye to the river and headed into the high desert.  Without the cooling effect of the river things heated up quickly.  As we pulled into the hotel driveway we had our first flat tire!  What good luck to flat at the very end of the day.  Tomorrow is our first day off and we are ready for it!

The views along the Columbia never disappoint

Good-bye Oregon!  Hello Washington!

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