Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Day 54 - August 4, North Judson to Peru, 73 miles

We started today’s route on the North Judson Erie Trail a paved trail running for 9 miles.   Unexpectedly the trail provides a lesson about the size of our solar system.   The start of the trail represents the sun and a informative placard is placed along side the trail for each planet at increasing distances.  The trail doesn’t make it to Neptune but they are actively working on extending the trail.   We had this trail all to ourselves. We did see several deer along the way.   When we reached Rochester we entered the Nickel Plate Trail which took us the rest of the way to Peru. This is also a paved trail.  It would be amazing to ride these tree lined trails in the fall.  

Many of the Indiana backroads are also tree covered 

Will ride for treats !

Soybean fields that go on for miles

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