Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Day 53 - August 3, Stevensville Michigan to North Judson Indiana, 86 miles

Another state - Indiana!   No welcome sign.  Over the last two days we have been in and out of Eastern Time.  Indiana has always been a little crazy with its mix of time zones.  Tonight we are back on central time - we think!  Today’s route was longer than expected.  Navigator Sherri had us on the ACA Northern Lakes route for 80 miles. Mark suggested, with several longer days ahead, to short cut part of the route reducing the days mileage to 70.  The shortcut was recommended by Google Maps. What!!  Mark don’t you read your own blog!   Yep - another dead end gravel road and back tracking to the ACA route.  On the bright side the weather was perfect again with highs in the 70s, verdant tree covered roads gradually gave way to quiet country farm roads - in the end a great route. 

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