Thursday, July 29, 2021

Day 48 - July 29, Baraboo to Madison, 47 miles

Today we rode south to and through Devils Lake State park.  This started our day with three short pitches of 11% - we were in first gear for those!  A short time later we were rewarded with a long descent with an 8% grade.  At Merrimac we caught the ferry across Lake Wisconsin.  The ferry is free and runs 24/7 across the lake with a 20 minute cycle.  From the ferry we continued on a combination county and state roads to the the east side of Madison.  It was a real roller coaster ride today with a mix of hills from small to quite long.  High clouds most of the day helped keep the temps down to bearable.  

The ferry coming to pick us up.  They use an interesting cable  driven system to pull the ferry back and forth across the lake. 

On our way across.  Bikes are welcome.  The ferry can carry up to 15 cars at a time 

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