Sunday, July 11, 2021

Day 33 - July 11, Newcastle Wyoming to Custer South Dakota, 39 miles

Last evening our good friends Glenn and Michelle joined us in Newcastle, so we had a nice dinner with Zach, Glenn, and Michelle.  After dinner we said good-bye to Zach who needed to get back to family in Denver.   Glenn joined us on today’s ride and Michelle was gracious enough to carry our gear  and meet us along the way.  Thanks Michelle!   Glenn picked a great day to ride with us.  The route to Custer followed  US Hwy 16 through varying forest and prairie, with steady climbing along the way.  We had cloudless skies all day, very little wind, and even the heat held off until we arrived in Custer.  Near the high point of the route was the Jewel Cave National Monument.  We stopped at the visitors center and learned about the huge cave system in this area.  An interesting sighting along the way: Glenn spotted a machete in the road.  Not wanting to leave such a dangerous item in the road he picked it up and carried it until Michelle caught up to us.  Later in the evening we all visited the Crazy Horse Memorial. 

Ready to head out from Newcastle in the morning - Glenn in blue

Made it to South Dakota!

The reverse Wyoming sign since we didn’t get that picture entering Yellowstone 

At the Jewel Cave visitors center with Glenn and Michelle

At the Crazy Horse Memorial

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  1. Great pics and so nice that you had some company for this leg of the trip. Inquiry minds want to know if there was any blood on that machete and why would Glenn want to get his prints on it?? :-).