Saturday, July 10, 2021

Day 32 - July 10, Moorcroft to Newcastle, 51 miles

It is great to have Zach with us!  Zach drove us to Moorcroft yesterday and today he drove our gear to our destination at Newcastle.  It was like floating on air today with no gear! The route was south and east on US Hwy 16.  We rode through part of the Thunder Basin National Grasslands and had great views of the distant Black Hills.  
In the grasslands we had a herd of Pronghorn Antelope run along side us for a couple of miles. The herd was about 100 yards off the road. We were going about 20 mph and the antelope didn’t seem to be working hard at all.  The herd consisted of about 5 or 6 adults in front, about 10 fawns in the middle, and another 5 or 6 adults at the rear. 
Once Zach got to Newcastle and checked out the town, he rode his bike back and met us at Osage so we could ride the rest of the way in together. 

6:30 am breakfast with Zach at Sinclair Moorcroft

Part of US 16 through the grasslands

Closer to Newcastle - the Black Hills in the distance

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