Sunday, July 4, 2021

Day 28 - July 4, Pahaska to Cody, 50 miles

We are calling this route the Grand Canyon of Wyoming!  Totally unexpected stunning canyon cliffs and spires for most of the day along the Shoshone river, ending with Buffalo Bill reservoir and the Buffalo Bill Dam.  At one stop a bird with a really long wing span flew over head.  Mark said, “There is a pterodactyl!”  Sherri said, “No it’s an Osprey!”  We learned they are also called Fish Hawks.  Tonight camping in Cody. Fabulous fireworks display viewed from our campsite! 

Just one of the many spires in the canyon

Sherri and one of the many spires - a happy pose because today’s route is mostly cruising downhill

The visitors center at the dam on the right, the tunnel for the cars on the left - bikes get to use the old road along the river

The Dam and visitors center from the bike path

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