Monday, June 7, 2021

Day 4 - June 7, St Helens to Troutdale, 50 miles

Another nice cool day in the 50s and no rain today.  Today’s challenge was to navigate through and around Portland.  First step was to find the correct bridge to cross from Highway 30 over the Williamette river into Portland.  In this case the Broadway bridge, which has a great bike path (photo below). Then we took N Williams Ave clear across town south to north. Wow!  Portland earns the right to call itself the most bike friendly city in America.  The bike lanes were fantastic!  Riding across town was like a pleasant ride in the country side.  At the north end of town we reached the Columbia River.  Portland has a beautiful paved path running along the river for 10 miles.  We stopped at one of their beautiful parks for a break, Broughton Beach.   

Broadway Bridge is a draw bridge   Wonder how that works with the electric tram overhead rails?


  1. Portland was bike friendly when I passed through 25 years ago and I’d guess more so today. And I do remember the bikeway along the Columbia and in back of the airport.
    I’m sorta reliving this as you go along.

  2. thanks for the updates. what an amazing adventure!

  3. It's great to hear that Portland is getting biking right.

  4. It’s great to hear about your day and see the pictures. I hope your day in Walla Walla was fun and relaxing!