Sunday, June 6, 2021

Day 3 - June 6, Clatskanie to St Helens, 36 miles

This part of Oregon has recently been hot and very dry - looks like we broke the drought!  Last night it rained all night, and it was raining when we broke camp this morning. Sherri said, “I need to put on my big girl pants and let’s get going.” In fact we put on most of our clothes. When we left it was in the 40s and still raining.  The ride today started with a long 6 to 7% grade climb right out of town. That helped to warm us up.   The rain finally stopped on the last few miles of the ride.  We chose a Comfort Inn at St. Helens so we could dry out.  That made Sherri smile.  Tomorrow a ride through Portland.   


  1. How are you charging your phones. Do you have solar?

  2. We are carrying one 17K mAh battery. We can charge the phones, lights, Apple Watch, and Elemnt bike computer all for two days. Then we charge the battery when we can.