Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Day 23 - June 29, Alder to Ennis, 24 miles

The power was back on at the Adler campground by 7 pm last night, so we had water once more and could complete our prep for the ride to Ennis today. We decided on a shorter day today since the route climbed about 4 miles at a steady 7% grade.  This was another unnamed pass.  At the top we got to watch cattleman with their big tractor trailer trucks transferring cattle to the upper pastures for summer grazing.  Sherri asked one of the drivers how many cattle their trucks could haul.  He said, “50,000 pounds or about 30 pairs.”  We believe the pairs he was talking about were cow and calf.  

One of several Historic Markers about the Gold Rush in the Alder area. 

View back down into the Ruby Valley to Alder on our way up the pass

One of several Cattle trucks moving cattle to summer pastures from the top of the pass

Ennis is a very nice tourist town of  1000 people - great restaurants

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