Monday, June 28, 2021

Day 22 - June 28, Dillon to Alder, 52 miles

Today we road a wonderful road with slightly rolling hills.  Lots of fun on a tandem 🙂.  The route had several nicely spaced towns where we could stop and refresh in the shade and refill our water bottles.  Nice change from the previous two days with long distances between services.  The weather was perfect with no wind or a tailwind all the way.  Grandpa Lee’s advice for riding in Montana was to get off early to avoid the mid-day northerly crosswinds and the heat.  Navigator Sherri confirmed that there would be crosswinds out of the north.  So we made sure to get to our campsite by 1 pm today. Along the way we saw an accident where a trailer had gotten loose from whatever was pulling it, flew off the road and took out a power pole.  Oh no we said !  Sure enough all the towns up valley have no power including our campground and all the convenience stores.  The campground is on well water driven by an electric pump too. Today the “flexibility card” was played on us!  The stores have no lights and can only take cash, but we were able to buy all our perishables ASAP, and they are on ice in one of our dry bags. Mark’s Grandpa always said, “Having a little cash can get you out of a lot of trouble”

Interesting stop today was Beaverhead Rock.  Named for the Lewis and Clark expedition by their guide Sacajawea.  Distinct landmarks were key to navigation at that time  

Family of geese at the campground.  The pond and rocks in the background are from gold mining by dredging machine from the mid-eighteen hundreds

We’ve got shade!

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