Saturday, August 26, 2023

Day 21 - Woodsville to Lincoln, 27 miles

Today we rode route 10 to North Haverville NH, then turned onto route 116 for the climb up to Kinsman Notch.  Route 116 merges with route 112 and then on 112 into Lincoln. 


We did our best to time things so we would not be descending the pass in the rain.  It had rained overnight but somehow it avoided us today during our ride. It did start up after we checked in to our hotel!


The climb started very steep on narrow roads, but as we gained altitude the grades eased and the road shoulders were much wider.


And our rest day really helped!


Beautiful views!

The leaves are starting to turn!

The lake called Beaver Pond near the top.

Once again, no sign for the pass, called Kinsman Notch.  But there was the sign for the Appalachian Trail right at the top.  Mark’s brother Scott hiked the trail end-to-end.  

Todays route

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