Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Day 12 - Sodus Point to Fulton, 43 miles

Hmmm … is this a weather pattern?  It rained all night once again and then stopped about the time we were getting up.  So again today it didn’t  rain on us but the roads were soaking wet all the way.  When we arrived in Fulton the sun was just peaking out from behind the clouds.


Hills hills hills today.   Some hills were “rollers” where we could get a good downhill run before we hit the uphill side.  Some started up from a flat road.  And some rollers had stop signs for crossroads at the bottom!  Arrrgh!


The route took us south around Sodus Bay, then across the bay inlet.  Gradually we moved northeast back toward the lake.  We are mainly following the ACA Northern Tier with customizations. 

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