Friday, August 4, 2023

2023 Dayton, OH to Portland, Maine: Day 1 - Dayton to South Charleston, 50 miles

The weather was great for the restart of our Portland to Portland ride.  Scott mapped out the route for us today and lead the way.  Our route was almost completely tree covered, paved bike trails!  We left from Grandpa Lees house in North Dayton taking back streets to the Stillwater river bike path.  The Stillwater took us to downtown Dayton.  From there we joined up with the Creekside trail that runs all the way to Xenia. From Xenia we took the Ohio to Erie Trail to South Charleston.   We were pleased to find all these trails still in great shape since riding them in 2021.  It did get up to the mid 80s and humid toward the end of the ride.

At one of our rest stops today we talked to a couple that said their friends that live in Florida and bought a condo in the Xenia area just so they could escape the Florida heat in the summer, come to Ohio and ride the bike paths!


Off to Columbus tomorrow !


Excited to be back on tour !

Great to have Scott with us !

Todays route

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