Sunday, August 8, 2021

Day 57 - August 7, Richmond Indiana to Dayton Ohio, 39 miles

Made it to Ohio!  Grandpa Lee sent us a detailed route taking us from Richmond to their house in Dayton.  We stopped for coffee in Lewisburg and as we were leaving Mark’s brother Scott and Grandpa Lee drove up and surprised us.  It was great to see them face to face since it had been a couple of years due to the pandemic. They took our gear and made the last few miles to Dayton easier.  We met again a few miles down the road for lunch.  It is great to be back together with family.  Two of our kids and two grandkids are coming to Dayton too.  After 12 days without a full day off we will be spending the next three days with family in Dayton. 

Tandem team and Grandpa Lee at Lewisburg

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  1. Congratulations Mark and Sherri! Enjoy your time with family.