Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Day 46 - July 27, La Crosse Wisconsin to Elroy Wisconsin, 61 miles

Today was a day of riding the beautiful Wisconsin bike trails. Our route consisted of the La Crosse River State Trail followed by the Elroy-Sparta State Trail.  These two trails are directly connected.  Normally this would be 61 miles of nothing but trail riding however the Elroy-Sparta had a couple of bridges out so that put us on roads for about 10 miles.  We did have a few challenges in the morning with the weather.   We had to wait out early morning thunderstorms which delayed our start to 10 am.  On the way to Sparta we got caught in a down pour.  We also had trouble with the tandem belt wanting to come off when mud and debris from the trail would get caught between the belt and chainring.  But by noon the weather cleared and turned sunny, and with a free adjustment to the belt tension from Speeds Bicycle Shop in Sparta we were off again.  (Thanks Milt!)

La Crosse River Trail - these trails are old railroad beds topped with crushed limestone 

Elroy-Sparta Trail has three old train tunnels that you must walk through.  The longest tunnel is more than a mile

The storms blew down several large tree limbs

How do we get the loaded tandem over these construction fences ?

Fellow wet bike packing travelers

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