Saturday, July 24, 2021

Day 44 - July 24, Sheldon to Emmetsburg, 70 miles

Today started with wet roads, fog and 100% humidity.  A big storm front had passed through last night and we had slept through it. The first 20 miles followed US 18 to Hartley. We were not clear on how to navigate the next 20 miles.  Consulting the locals in Hartley and then following the suggested route on Google Maps worked really well and we had a pleasant ride through quiet farmlands to Spencer.  Again we looked for a way to avoid the highway on the final stretch. This time we relied only on Google Maps and ended up faced with a long, really bad gravel road.  It was already in the 90s so we backtracked a few miles to US 18 and finished up the ride.  Getting some local advice really does help!  To stay cool at our final rest stop we filled all our bottles with ice and water and put ziplocks with ice in our jersey pockets. 

New sentinels of the prairie

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