Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Day 41 - July 20, O’Neill to Osmond, 59 miles

Today’s route started flat and as the day proceeded turned into rolling hills.  We left early enough to catch the sunrise over the farmlands.  There was fog and haze that kept us cool well into the day.  We are on US Hwy 20 all the way to Sioux City Iowa, where we’ll be tomorrow.  The excitement today was one of our straps holding our camping gear to the rear rack broke.  The strap fell, caught in the rear wheel and wrapped around the hub.  Amazingly the wheel and spokes were not damaged!  And we did not lose any gear!

Sunrise in eastern Nebraska

The morning haze continues and the hills return

Iowa has its fair share of corn!  And it has already tasseled 

We dodged one today!   Good strap and the broken strap

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  1. I'm just joining you (virtually) today. Thanks for doing all the pedaling! I've started trying to catch up, but that will take a few days. I had emailed the Oracle gang to see if they were in the office yet (no), since I'll be close to campus tomorrow. Glenn was kind enough to share a link to the blog.
    Safe travels! May the wind be at your back!