Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Day 29 - July 6, Cody to Greybull, 57 miles

After a cool and cloudy day off in Cody we headed out early to Greybull. Weather forecast is in the high 90’s in Greybull. Preparation today was critical since there were no services for 55 miles. The route took us on US Hwy 20/16/14 with a wide shoulder.  There was a steady crosswind out of the south, sometimes it helped and sometimes we had to work against it.  As soon as we left Cody the landscape changed completely!  The sage high desert region is called the McCullough Wild Horse Management Area with about 6000 wild horses.  We didn’t see any wildlife today and no ranch animals.  Made it to Greybull before the high 90s hit and headed for lunch at a restaurant with air conditioning!

And now for a completely new landscape!

The road ahead

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