Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Day 6 - June 9, Cascade Locks to Hood River, 19 miles

We camped last night and it rained most of the night.  Morning brought sunny skies so we dried out before packing up. We knew that there was a steep climb shortly after starting but we didn’t realize what we were in for.  We turned onto the climb and the road sign that said “Steep Herman Creek Road”.   We exchanged a few anxious words about how “steep” it might be and forged ahead.  We really didn’t know how steep a road we could handle with a fully loaded tandem.  The road quickly turned up to 11% and we were doing better than expected.  A mile and a half into the climb the grade jumped up to 20%!!  We were off and walking the last really steep half a mile!   Walking your bike while bike touring is something you read about but think you will never have to do.  Feeling humble …

Good morning sunshine !

Drying out and packing and breakfast …

More beautiful views of the river gorge from the bike path 

Stunning view of Mt Adams from the River View Inn, Hood River


  1. I never did that climb. This was to avoid the tunnel on the Interstate. I must say it was a pretty thrilling few seconds to get through. Thankfully it was slightly downhill.
    There was no alternative then.

  2. There seems to be a pretty good guide to the Columbia River Gorge at The road is described as a "short but quite steep climb". No kidding!

  3. So where's a photo of the 20% grade? Can we believe you? ;-)
    Forgive my late catch-up, but I just found out about the trip and got a link. Good luck, kids!

    1. Guess you had to be there! The only hill we have walked so far. But it is a beautiful area with lots of sites to see - have you been?