Saturday, June 26, 2021

Day 21 - June 26, Wisdom to Dillon, 68 miles

Today was our longest ride yet with two passes to cross.  We took Montana Hwy 278 south from Wisdom to I-15 and then the I-15 frontage road north to Dillon.  The road surface was very good all the way, and the views always inspiring.  America is really a very big and beautiful country with lots of natural resources. The town of Jackson at mile 18 was the only place with services until we reached Dillion. Today we saw 7 bike tourists headed west and 3 headed east at the end of the day on the way into Dillon.  And we saw more cattle gazing in the huge Big Hole valley between the Bitterroot and Pioneer mountains than we have seen anywhere else in our lifetime.   The mosquitoes were out in full strength!  They flood irrigate the fields in the valley which creates perfect conditions for the mosquitoes.  Needless to say after two tough days in a row we will be looking for a shorter day tomorrow.

Horse corral and horses adjacent to our campsite at Wisdom

The Bitterroot mountains on the west side of Big Hole Valley 

The Pioneer mountains on the east side of the valley

The first pass of the day, Big Hole Pass.  The second pass had no sign and no name.  Both passes had 7% grades 


  1. Ivan Doig wrote a novel called "Last Bus to Wisdom" which I enjoyed.

  2. What a coincidence ! We will add that book to my reading list. Mark always enjoys your book recommendations. BTW: we are also going through Manitowoc.