Friday, June 25, 2021

Day 19 - June 24, Hamilton to Sula, 37 miles

Today we continued to Sula Montana. We climb Lost Trail Pass coming up tomorrow. When we have a significant climb our tactic is to stay where there are full services as close to the pass as possible.  Sula is about 13 miles from the pass with a full service campground and cabins. Today was Mark’s chance to pick out an alternative route away from the highway.  He did not disappoint!  The 15 mile detour involved extra climbing and about 10 miles of gravel roads!  (Sherri had no comment)

We found an outstanding, out of the way, bicycle shop on our ride today - Red Barn Bicycles.  Best bike shop since Walla Walla.  A great full service shop specializing in mountain biking.  Very helpful with good info on our upcoming route.  The owner said that logging was moving out of the area and many of the old gravel logging roads are being closed to vehicles and getting used by gravel riders. 

A six seater beats a tandem!

Welcome sign for the Sula campground

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