Friday, June 4, 2021

Day 1 - June 4, Astoria - Fort Stevens - Astoria, 30 miles

Our first day of riding!   Yesterday, after visiting Scott and Marilyn in Sunnyvale we drove our van to Astoria, Oregon and got a hotel room. Today we rode the tandem out to the Pacific Ocean at Fort Stevens and dripped a tire on the surf.  Then back to the hotel. It was a perfect weather today.  All the roads in this corner of the state have wide, smooth shoulders - we are spoiled!

What surprised us was the extent of the redwood coastal rainforests!   See the picture below of the Fort Stevens bike path. 


  1. I don’t recall that much tree overgrowth, but it looks like that might be relatively new growth.

  2. Look at that selfie action! Looking great!